Dive Bar / Dead Town

by Chris Madden

Dive Bar / Dead Town (Verse 1) Well The Bartenders drunk sinking shots of Petrone Theres boards on the windows & a chain on the phone, Floor smells of bleach & a little something more, Theres 45 chairs but i don't know what for, (Chorus) Where’s the crowd, Where’s the sound, Dive Bar In A Dead Town (Verse 2) Well Suzi’s on the table dress up around her face, She’s got it all on show, tattoo’s and lace, We’ve played all the cash songs & it ain’t half time, There’s old timers shooting pool tequila & lime, (Chorus) Where’s the crowd, Where’s the sound, Dive Bar In A Dead Town (Bridge) Well I’m tired off playing to TV’s & Clocks, And I’m tired off Shitter’s with no doors or locks, (Verse 3) Sweat 2:30 for a 30 second cheer, Playing for tips & a free cold beer, Ain’t no applause just a rumble & cough, then like i flick off a with man the ting goes off, flick off the switch man the thing goes off, (Chorus) There’s the crowd, There’s the sound. Dive Bar In A Dead Town
Don’t Wear Suits (Verse 1) Been working all week, busting at the seams, Need a cold beer, need a blow a little steam, Packed up the truck, headed for a show, Figured I need a little twang, fiddle & bow, No time to get washed, No time to get clean, I was still in my cap and my John Deere greens, We got to the door, Pushed our way through The pretty boy floods and the “Cuchie Cu’s”, Out stepped the grey haired Dance Hall Henry, Said no shoes! no shirt! son no entry, (Chorus) Hell were just good old boys been working on the farm, Get a little rowdy don’t mean no harm, We just wanna dance we just wanna drink, And we got cash if thats what you think, Hell yeah man theres mud on these boots, But honey real country boys, Don’t Wear Suits! (Verse 2) So we slipped in the back door, behind the band, They were shout’n bout tractors and working the land, Jelly in their hair, glitter on their suits, Well I've never saw a farmer with bows on his boots, Then a big voice shouted up from down below, Get your long hair'd ass! outta the show! (Chorus) (Bridge) Yeah Hank & Cash, they were two of a kind But I never saw Ledoux in an Armani line! (Pre-Chorus) Were just good old boys, been working on the farm, We get a little rowdy don’t mean no harm, Theres blood and diesel on my blue jeans, And my best threads are john deer green! (Chorus)
Betty Don't 03:42
Betty Don’t (Verse 1) She says, he’s got money in the bank & a house by the beach, She says, he’s great with kids & he’d really love to teach, She says, he’s got a Mercedes Benz to toe a boat with his friends, She says, he was scouted by he big leagues when he turned ten, (Pre-Chorus) Yeah, yeah girl, that may be true, But let me tell you a few things that i bet he don’t do, (Chorus) I bet he don't kiss you on his back porch late at night, Or cut the full beams & drive by moonlight, Let you take the wheel on an old back road, Drop it down a gear & let the horses roar, I bet he don't drink, i bet he don't cuss, I bet he don't cruise & don’t cause no fuss, And I bet he says he’ll love you when i won’t, Ah but I bet he don't (Verse 2) She says, she loves his body & his tribal tattoos, She says, he’s got a brother in Dubai & a sister on the news, She says, his teeth are so white & he speaks so clear, She says, ah he’s tells you all the things you wanna here, (Chorus) (Bridge) Well I ain’t sweet enough to be a real cute dream lover, Ain’t hard enough to be a real bad mother-trucker, I’m just a long haired redneck son of a gun, Made for girls like you so honey don’t play dumb, (Chorus) (Chorus)
Jack Daniels & Me (Verse 1) It’s been one of those days, weeks or months i guess, I can’t win for losing, I think I outta head west  The cold hard rain’s been falling here, since the first sign off May  What I wouldn’t give for a little sunshine & a smoke and sway cafe  (Verse 2) There ain’t no work going round here, not for an honest days pay, You gotta go with the flow in get with the times, or pretend to be that way,  I’m sick of being told, try again son, it’l be your time soon, I’m tired off the noise and long white line, and I ain’t been home since June, (Chorus) So i’m gonna lock all the doors,  Pull all the blinds, Turn that country music up,  Way too loud,  I’m Gonna cut all the lights,  Just the darkness & me, I’m gonna sit here & drink till I can’t see, Just the lonesome, Jack Daniels & Me (Verse 3) I wonder why i do this, most times they don’t care, As long as i keep the beat and smile, and the girls shake there hair, Yeah play that song my daddy likes, the one with the old banjo, Hell play whatever you feel like, and make sure its on the radio, (Chorus) (Verse 4) Pulled into a Circle K, quarter to 3 last night, head still pounding from the beat and the flashing neon lights bought a cup off coffee, something to keep me awake Got another 4 hours drive, before i can hit the brakes (Chorus) (Outro) It’s been one of those days, weeks or months I guess, I can’t win for losing, I think I outta head west 
Till The Lights Come On (Verse 1) Well you all think I’m crazy, Maybe even weird as fuck, Standing there with your long hair, Drinking from a plastic cup, Why don’t you buy some new jeans maybe buy a pair off shoes, Trash those dam old cowboy boots, And your different point of view, Well hell that’s just the way I am, move aside son or join the queue, (Chorus) Cus’ were the buzz we’re the twang, We’re that old school thang, Turned up way too loud, We’re the thunder and bang By a neon sign, Stirring up a farmers crowd, We’re bud bottles off a old stone wall, Boot Barn stomping on a hard wood floor, Blood sweat and tears, Let me hear you cheer, Don’t like it, well there’s the door, We “Hollar n’ Swaller” till the beers all gone, Honkytonk, till the lights come on, (Verse 2) We drive around in an old van, Our lives packed in the back, Probably sounds insane to you, But to us we’re right on track, N we show up in the dive bars, under smoke and dim blue light, With the guitars screaming and a rumble waiting for a spark to ignite, N we lay it down baby on the line, Any old Saturday night, (Chorus) (Bridge) Na Son, we don’t play song, Don’t think I’ve heard it before, Na Son, we don’t play that beat, We’re kinda more 4 on the floor, Na son, I don’t play that shit, You getting real hard to ignore, Na Son, I don’t care who you are, Or what you’ve been in for, (Chorus)
Worlds Gone To Shit (Verse 1) Heard young Anderson’s wen’t n’ got a new Ford, It’s still got the cellophane on the dam doors, He don’t work on the count’ of his back Only cripple I know that they call jack flash, He don’t work & he don’t give a rip, Worlds gone to shit (Chorus) Well they’ll pay if you drink, pay if you smoke, They Pay for your drugs f your lazy and broke They pay for your rent, pay for your car, They’ll pay for it all, and your tab at the bar, But work like a dog you don’t get spit, Worlds gone to shit, (Verse 2) Heard Wendy Jo just had another girl, that’s 3 babies, two daddies and a lover name Earl, Walking down the street with a baby on her hip, N’ that boom she’s smoking mans taking a grip, She don’t care no she don’t give a rip, Worlds gone to shit (Chorus) (Verse 3) Well quick fix rick just stole another bag, Just got enough for a 10 bag of skag, Keys and the cards in the river by the wall, Man he didn’t even run don’t care about the law, Out on bail just looking for a hit, Worlds gone to shit, (Chorus)
Sunday Morning (Verse 1) Well I’ve been drinking more than usual, sleeping till 10 I’ve been leaning on the vinyl, looking for a few wise men, Searching for answers, to questions i don’t know, I’ve been driving after midnight, with nowhere to go, (Verse 2) I’ve been watch’n 80s movies, painting the spare room, I’ve been talking to the tv, to forget the doom and gloom, i got up this morning, and headed into town, Looking for a piece of normal and a few familiar sounds, (Chorus) But it feels like Sunday morning, all over again, Except the church doors are closed, there’s not a sinner getting in, It feels like Sunday morning, all over again, There’s no one down on mainstream, and i can’t remember when, I shook somebody’s hand, thanked them for the pay, Got a beer and played a jukebox, after a long working day, Yeah nothing lasts forever, and no two days are the same, But it feels like Sunday morning, all over again, (Verse 3) I’ve been walking round this house loosing my mind, I’ve been living on my telephone, looking for a sign, But all my dates are cancelled, my calendar is clean, Monday, Wednesday, Friday is all the same to me, (Bridge) Oh god i miss the sound of a dive bar Saturday night, And i miss the tears and laughter underneath the neon lights, Yeah nothing lasts forever, and no two days are the same, But it feels like Sunday morning, all over again, (Outro) Yeah Nothing lasts forever and we will meet again, Some Sunday morning…
Hey I’m Still Breathing (Verse 1) Old coat still hangs in the front porch, Cars still on the drive, He’d usually be out on the 80 acre, Come home about supper time, Now there’s just a cold air blowing, Coming down like a morning prayer, God I’m tired off this old suit, Feels like it’s all I ever wear, (Verse 2) Useta here the roar from the football field, Coming over Lagan’s Mill, Now all we hear is the priests voice Filtering through the evening still, There’s been a lot of moving on, And people ain’t coming back, Feels like 3 a week now, And this town seems to always wear black, (Chorus) But Hey I’m still breathing, Still speaking, And this old heart keeps on beating, And we’ll find a away outta the dark, Hell yeah I’m grieving, still bleeding, sometimes I feel like screaming, But I still got a little fire, just give me a spark, Yeah lately round here there’s been a lot of leaving, But hey I’m still breathing (Chorus) (Bridge) Now the scripts been tore up, The worlds on it’s head, And the thieves on the hill say, We should just to stay in bed, They say it’s no body’s fault, There’s no one to blame, But I’m not sure about that, I can think of a few names, But we will rise again, Stronger than before, I can promise you mr, Were dam hard to ignore, There’s still fire in my heart, there’s still hope in the air, Mr you can take my work by I ain’t cutting my hair,


Dive Bar / Dead Town is the new release by Chris Madden, featuring 5 brand new songs and 3 re-recorded songs. This release brings out the rock side of my influences, with high energy drum beats and loud guitars, but still retaining the trademark country / heartland lyrics. Hey I'm Still Breathing the last song on the record is only available on Bandcamp.


released May 7, 2021

All songs written, recorded & Mixed by Chris Madden at Madden Studio.
Track 4 features Áine Harkin & Pat Lyons.


all rights reserved



Chris Madden

Dive Bar / Dead Town Out Now! Singer - Songwriter
Play’n Country & Rock N Roll in Honkytonks, Dive Bars & Watering Holes.

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